Redfish - Sciaenops ocellatus

Bull redfish taken from the Boca Grande backcountry with Capt. Cameron Schurlknight

The redfish is our main target throughout the fall, winter and early spring months. In the winter we experience our lowest tides of the year. This means the tide drops out lower than usual, and the fish hang out in the deeper holes of Southwest Florida's shallow flats. We maneuver the flats carefully and stealthy and cast hole to hole with jigs and various other lures. A quick cast into the hole and a couple twitches of your jig will usually result in a violent thump and fish on! This can be some incredibly fun and exciting fishing.

The average school of fish ranges from 100-300 redfish. These fish are aggressive and fighting for food in these schools. Once located, let the "redfish rodeo" begin. Cast after cast is resulted in a hungry redfish fighting for your lure. Landing upwards of 50 redfish a day can happen during the fall months. Our average redfish range from 5-25 pounds and can be all the way into the 40 inch range.