Snook - Centropomus undecimalis

Huge snook caught with Capt. Cameron in Englewood, FL

Known for its drag screaming runs and incredible knowledge of where the nearest structure is, the snook is one of Southwest Florida's prized gamefish. Each spring when the water temperature rises the snook start to work their way out of area creeks and rivers and filter their way onto the flats and into the passes. Once here the snook gather in massive schools getting ready to spawn. Capt. Cameron then loads the livewell with baitfish and chums the fish up into a frenzy. Some days it is not uncommon to land over 50 snook.

Being an avid snook fisherman, the Capt. has learned a couple secret techniques to land monster snook. These charters happen May through September and on many trips we land snook over 40 inches in the 20-30 pound range. In the summer months snook mass together in the clear waters of our passes to spawn. Sometimes you will be casting to a school of two to three hundred snook on a summer day.