Seatrout & Other Species

Catch gator trout in the shallows during the winter months with Capt. Cameron Schurlknight

Seatrout - Cynoscion nebulosus

Throughout late fall and early spring we target trout. Great family fun and tasty on the table trout are a staple of Southwest Florida's flats fishing. Using various lures we will cast into sandy holes on the flats and along flats edges looking for the toothy trout.

For large gator trout, primary months include December through April as the large trout move into the shallows to feed. On these charters we commonly see fish in the 3-8 pound range, and 25 plus inches.

Targetting cobia nearshore in Englewood, Florida

Cobia - Rachycentron canadum

Cobia make a run down our coast in early Spring. Cobia is some of the best eating fish in our waters and puts up a great fight. Known as the "brown bomber" they stick out like a sore thumb in our emerald green waters.

Sight fishing is the main technique we use, as we cruise the hard bottom areas off our area beaches looking for the fish floating along the surface. Once spotted they cant pass up a lively baitfish.

Sight fish for tripletail out of Stump Pass, FL

Tripletail - Lobotes surinamensis

In the winter months, we see a push of Tripletail in our region. These fish hangout right under crab trap buoys and eat the small fish that hang out around them.

Our way of fishing for them is strictly sight fishing, as we cruise the crab buoys looking for the fish floating underneath. Once spotted, a accurate cast with a live shrimp usually produces one of the tastiest fish in the sea (Captain Cameron's personal favorite).

Live bait kingfish off Boca Grande, FL with Captain Cam

Kingfish - Scomberomorus cavalla

In the fall, baitfish schools mass up by the thousands right off our area beaches. This attracts predators of all kinds. Kingfish, cobia, spanish mackeral and the tasty Tripletail will all make their presence at times.

Kingfish are extremely fast and are known for their lightning fast runs and explosive bites are highly sought after this time of year. Slow drifting a live bait is our primary way of fishing for them. The kingfish range from 10-45 pounds.